Hear from our students past and present...


"We would not take our children to any other studio in SLO! The quality of lessons and professionalism by Danielle and Lacey is world class! Danielle has helped my son work through his voice change with patience and understanding. Lacey is an amazing instructor and makes it so fun to learn the instrument. If you want perfect balance of challenge and reward - this is the studio for you! Highly recommend!"                                          

          -Kris Vander Weele,  Private Voice, Piano and Group Voice Parent

“My 8-year-old daughter has been really enjoying her guitar lessons with Matthew White.  Matthew is an extremely kind and patient teacher.  He personalizes his lessons to fit where each individual is and makes learning so much fun.  He works with beginners and children very well.  He does a wonderful job of helping my daughter see what she is capable of doing and helps her build confidence and technique each week.  He is a very talented guitarist and I have no doubt that intermediate and advanced students would benefit greatly from his instruction, as well as beginning students like my daughter.   I am excited that we found Matthew and for my daughter to continue learning guitar from him.”

          -Erin E, Private Guitar Parent

"Sonja has been a student of Lacey McNamara's for more than 6 years.  In that time, she has learned not only to read and execute the music on the page, but also to improvise, entertain, and understand music theory.  Not all teachers take this comprehensive approach to piano, and we really appreciate the emphasis on the whole musician and understanding of music in general.  Lacey is very organized and her steady guidance has created a friendly and dependable environment for study and practice.  Sonja's relationship with her piano teacher has been consistent and reliable all these years, giving her the knowledge and confidence she needs to blossom into a complete musician.  Thanks Lacey, for many years of learning that we hope to continue."

          -Sunshine Cowgill, Piano Parent

“Danielle Dutro McNamara is a phenomenal teacher! She not only helps you build and embellish your instrument, she shows you exactly how it works so you can understand what it is that your vocal cords are doing and why your instrument may be feeling the way that it does while moving up and down the scale. In working with Danielle my voice has most definitely improved; my range is lengthening and my tone, on certain registers, is much clearer and cleaner. Its very freeing to have a well "oiled" instrument and to know that my vocal cords are working in a healthy way. Danielle is a wealth of vocal knowledge on all levels and it shows in her work with her students!”

          -Tabatha S. Skanes

"My 12 year old daughter has been taking piano lessons from Lacey for 7 years.  My daughter goes into her lesson with a good attitude and comes out with an even better one, smiling from ear to ear.  Lacey is encouraging, patient, and knowledgeable.  She is able to challenge my daughter in many ways, not just by playing piano.  Lacey breaks down the components of various pieces and uses her abilities to transpire the meaning, feeling, and/background behind it.  She has introduced my daughter to a wide range of composers and styles.  This has enlightened my daughter’s appreciation of music and took her piano playing to another level.  We are very fortunate to have Lacey as our Piano Teacher.  She is very accommodating and inspirational.  Thank you for believing in my daughter Abby."

          -Sandra Ferreros, Private Piano Parent

“Danielle is a fantastic voice teacher.  For an adult learner like me, she helped sort out all of the information (and misinformation) I had learned about singing over the years.  She has a thorough understanding of voice production and how it relates to tone and style. She can also spot and diagnose problems. Working with Danielle has given me clarity in multiple ranges and smoothed out the breaks between them.  I also learned new options for tone, concepts of emotional expression, and ideas for different ways to approach a song. Thank you Danielle!”

         -Wayne Gamble, Private Voice Student

“My daughter and I both take lessons from Danielle… I have some background in music, and when we started, my daughter (at age 5)  did not. It's been a real treat to hear how much my daughter's singing has improved, as well as her knowledge of music. I appreciate how much Danielle helps me explore the full range of what I can do vocally, and her knowledge of all aspects of singing – including the anatomy of the voice. We were recommended to Danielle by another voice teacher who told us that she was great with kids, and boy, is she! She is patient with the littles, and great also at keeping them on task. Danielle is competent, professional, and a great person to sing in front of if you are at all self-conscious about your singing... I highly recommend her for singers of any age!”

          -Skye & Zoë Coddington, Private Voice Student and Parent 

"Lacey is amazing. She is the first piano teacher we reached out to and are still with her. She has not only taught my two boys piano but some life lessons as well. She believes they need to learn how to manage their own tasks. They are responsible for their own lessons and practice time. My boys have been playing piano for over five years and she continues to challenge their interests. With Lacey’s help, they stay engaged and interested in piano. She is patient and understanding but strong and persuasive when needed. Our visits seem to be a comforting ending to our day."

          -Trudie Safreno, Piano Parent

"I enjoyed my voice lessons with Danielle for many reasons! She always made an effort to make sure I was comfortable and was singing songs that I would enjoy. I thank Danielle for giving me the confidence and technique that I live with today."

          -Cheyenne McDonald, Private Voice Student                                                                                              Omani-Official.com