Private Lessons


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Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons are for students who are excited and motivated to expand their musical skills as independent musicians. Lessons include all aspects of music literacy including note reading, rhythm, composition, improvisation and theory comprehension. Lessons are designed to follow the student’s strengths and interests as well as encourage them to find new ways of thinking about music. The Nancy and Randall Faber method books are used as the lesson foundation but a variety of teaching materials and musical styles are incorporated to guide students along their journey of life long music making. 

Voice Lessons

Private lessons at Lyrics and Melodies, offer students a chance to develop their voices on a more intensive individual basis. Our focus is on developing your best instrument with freedom, flexibility, and expression. Lessons incorporate: warm ups, ear training exercises, vocal technique, basic theory, confidence building, and repertoire preparation both for personal enjoyment and performance. Lessons may also include work to prepare for auditions and/or performances outside of the studio. 

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Guitar lessons

Guitar lessons provide an introduction to playing chords, reading notes, strum patterns, picking patterns, scales and practice techniques. Learn the application of the music alphabet to the entire fret board and begin to read music notation. Memorize basic chord fingerings; learn several strumming and picking techniques for accompanying songs, while playing repertoire based on student’s interests.  

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