The Workshop

The Workshop is a reoccurring event that will happen once a month on Tuesdays from 7:00-8:00pm. This is a chance for our students and community members to bring in music and monologues and try them out in front of peers and gain feedback from two respected instructors. These can be works in progress or performance-ready pieces! 

***E-mail to REGISTER and secure your spot!***

Proposed dates for the year are:
January 19, 7-8pm
February 23, 7-8pm
March 22, 7-8pm
April 19, 7-8pm
May 24, 7-8pm
June 21, 7-8pm
July 19, 7-8pm
August 23, 7-8pm
September 20, 7-8pm
October 18, 7-8pm
November 15, 7-8pm
December 13, 7-8pm