Introducing our Studio!

2015 brought a huge change for us with the addition of our new professional space. A few of you have been with us since our humble beginnings of teaching in our living room in a tiny apartment, to our move to a larger apartment with a spare room to serve as the studio, to now having our own building to make music in.
We are so excited to be on this journey together!

Things to notice:
  • Danielle and Lacey no  longer have to share a studio. They each have their own and can teach at the same time!  
  • We have a self-serve Keurig machine and juice in the fridge - Please help yourself!
  • Magazines are available to read on the shelf under the printer while you wait
  • Check out and send in photos for our "Wall of Fame" above the printer
  • You can read about local events on our cork board located in the entryway - Bring in your own events to post, too!
  • We also have a large room for our group classes - Mini Melodies and introducing our new group session called "The Workshop"